Healing Our Broken Humanity

Reviewed by: Lily Smith, a Professional Writing student at Taylor University.


Title: Healing Our Broken Humanity

Author: Grace Ji-Sun Kim and Graham Hill

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

Publication Date: 2018

Format: Print book

Length: 212 pages


Healing Our Broken Humanity is an insightful book that introduces a scripturally based vision for the modern church. The book is centralized around ten practices that modern Christians have the capability to implement into their daily lives as the modern church moves toward cultural restoration. The authors highlight the need for racial healing, which sets Grace Ji-Sun Kim and Graham Hill apart as bold pursuers of Christ. Their willingness to speak with honest vulnerability reflects how Christ often spoke difficult truths to His followers. The encouraging tone of the book allows for the readers to envision what the church could become.

Grace Ji-Sun Kim speaks from a place of experience about the ethnic divides in America today. As part of a minority in America today, Kim offers personal insights and thoughtful wisdom that demonstrate her knowledge and faith. Her co-author, Graham Hill contributes practical and valuable insights into why discussions about race, sexuality, nationalism, politics and other religions are beneficial to the growth of the modern church.

The book stays true to Scripture, integrating the Word of God into the text. This gives credibility to the bold statements about race and religion that the authors make. While this book cannot entirely capture what Christ’s vision for a new humanity would be, it stimulates thought and encourages conversations about difficult and necessary topics. Healing Our Broken Humanity is thought-provoking and encouraging. It articulates brilliant and faith-filled ideas to its readers in a manner that prompts change.



Rating (1 to 5)

4 stars

Suggested Audience

Both men and women, 16 and older, who are interested in learning about cultural healing in the modern church could appreciate and learn from the book.

Christian Impact

This book highlights a vision for the modern church that was originally described by Paul in the New Testament. Christ remains the focal point of this book and the ideas articulated reflect His Word.


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Healing Our Broken Humanity

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