Buried Secrets (Harvest of Hope #2)

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Title: Buried Secrets (Harvest of Hope #2)

Author: Barbara Cameron

Publisher: Gilead Publishing

Publication Date: 2018

Format: Print book

Length: 264 pages


Rose is a recently widowed young Amish woman. After her husband loses his battle with cancer, Rose brings her four-year-old son back to Pennsylvania where she spent her childhood. She undertakes the renovation of her family’s old farm; however, she needs help with the manual labor.

Luke, an unmarried Amish man, calls Ohio home but fell in love with the community in Pennsylvania. He lives with another family there despite his desire for a wife and children of his own. He answers Rose’s call for help on the farm and chooses to work for her despite the unconventional dynamic of having a female boss.

As Rose mourns her husband and Luke desires to honor God’s wishes for his future wife, both feel pressure from the church to be married. Secrets threaten to overthrow their budding romance, and the question remains whether they can overcome this grief and mystery to find each other in the midst of it.


Rating (1 to 5)


Suggested Audience

Adult women who enjoy Amish romance

Christian Impact

The characters are patient, kind, and selfless examples of Christians. Luke in particular strides to fall in line with God’s will rather than his own timeline. The romance is sweet and does not include any content against the biblical design for marriage and courting. This book is free of profanity, violence, and sexual content.

Other Notes 

Even though Buried Secrets is the second book in the Harvest of Hope series, it can be read as a standalone. This novel does offer pieces of backstory occasionally, but having no prior knowledge doesn’t hinder the reading experience. The pacing is rather slow; however, it reflects the gentle and hardworking nature of the Amish people and will be a comforting read to those who enjoy the genre.


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Buried Secrets (Harvest of Hope #2)

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