Christy’s Choice

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Title: Christy’s Choice

Author: Catherine Marshall, adapted by C. Archer

Publisher: Evergreen Farm

Publication Date: 1995, 2018

Format: Print book

Length: 107 pages


In 1912, 19-year-old Christy Huddleston sets off from her comfortable home in Asheville to teach the poor children of the Smoky Mountains. Based on Catherine Marshall’s bestselling novel Christy, this is the sixth installment in the Christy of Cutter Gap series.

When a student needs an operation that can’t be performed in the mountains, Christy joins the group taking the girl back to Christy’s own hometown for medical attention. As the mountain people marvel at the life of riches and luxury Christy left behind, she is faced with a choice. An opportunity is available for her to teach poor children in her own town. Should she go back to the mountains or return to her family?

The book is reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie or When Calls the Heart. Each book in the series is like an episode of these well-loved book-to-television adaptations. With this comes some of the corniness of such shows, but the heartwarming aspects as well. For those looking for a short book to read and not looking for a particularly complex plot, this book is a good choice.


Rating (1 to 5)

3 out of 5 stars

Suggested Audience

This will appeal to those who enjoy cozy historical fiction.

Christian Impact

The story explores aspects of ministry and missions. This book especially focuses on discerning God’s calling.


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Christy's Choice

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