Between Two Shores

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Erin Janko
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Between Two Shores


Jocelyn Green


Bethany House Publishers

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397 pages


Is she Catherine Stands Apart or is she Catherine Duval? Straddling two heritages, Catherine strives to remain loyal to both her mother’s Mohawk family and her French father. As she runs her father’s Montreal trading post in war-torn Canada, she determines to take no sides with either the French or the British as they fight the Seven Years’ War.
            Loyalties she’d long buried ignite when her former fiancé places himself again in her father’s service as a captive. As a British soldier, he has intel that could end the war. But only with Catherine’s help to provide him safe passage on the St. Lawrence River to deliver it. With the power to end the war, Catherine’s forced to take sides. Help the man she loved and who abandoned her? Or let her country’s war-induced suffering persist as starvation threatens to take the lives of her people before guns even have a chance? Catherine battles to give over her bitter unforgiveness and let God lead her into an outcome bigger than herself and her hurts.
            Between Two Shores as work of historical fiction is textured with rich sensory detail that bring the reader vividly into a different time. Green’s unexpected plot turns drive home her message. No matter the turns our lives take, or the pain we experience, God weaves our lives into ultimate good and gives us true belonging.


Rating (1 to 5):

5 stars

Suggested Audience:

American colonial historic fiction lovers and readers of Christian fiction

Christian Impact:

Themes of forgiveness, reconciliation, healing, and belonging have the potential to point readers to their own experiences and help them work through them.

Between Two Shores

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