The Big Bible Storybook

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The Big Bible Storybook


Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK)

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The Big Bible Storybook is a child’s first Bible, perfect for when a child is being read to and when a child is beginning to read. Unlike many other child’s Bible’s, this storybook Bible not only covers the major biblical
stories such as Creation, the Fall, Samson, the Birth of Christ, it also covers everything in between. Children will be introduced to Noah, Abraham and Isaac, Moses and Joshua, Gidean and Deborah, Ruth and Samuel, David and Solomon, and so much more! But that’s just the Old Testament. Once the child enters the New Testament, The Big Bible Storybook ensures that the child is introduced to all the major characters: Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the 12 disciples, Paul; and includes numerous parables as well as child-friendly
letters of Paul. If introducing children to the whole Bible is important to you, then this is an excellent starting point.

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Children ages 3-6

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Children will be introduced to the whole Bible instead of just bits and pieces of stories out of context, ensuring that the knowledge of the Bible is given to the youngest of disciples.

The Big Bible Storybook: Refreshed and Updated Edition Containing 188 Best-Loved Bible Stories to Enjoy Together

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