Silencing Insecurity: Believing God’s Truth about You

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Jaci Gorrell, Professional Writing alumnus from Taylor University.

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Silencing Insecurity: Believing God’s Truth about You


Donna Gibbs


Revell: a division of Baker Publishing Group

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188 pages


Many women wrestle with insecurity daily and feel helpless to manage its overbearing presence in their lives. Christian counselor Donna Gibbs seeks to help women pinpoint and eradicate these feelings with her book Silencing Insecurity. Gibbs segments her dialogue into three sections to help move from identifying insecurity to conquering it.

Her first section, “Identity Thieves” investigates topics, practices, and events that propagate insecurity. Gibbs takes a comprehensive approach to exposing the root of insecurity—examining everything from appearances and comparisons to life experiences and trauma. Women battling insecurity may be surprised to find they relate with one or several of these chapters explaining how the Enemy uses and abuses pathways to their confidence.

In the second section, Gibbs tackles “Unnecessary Problems.” These “problems” refer to the mental, emotional, relational, and developmental challenges insecurity manifests. Gibbs explains that insecurity often leads to dependencies and habits that women never consciously welcomed nor recognized. As she alludes in the section title, these problems can become unnecessary crutches that negatively affect a woman’s daily life.

Gibbs’s final section, “Necessary Secret,” details keys to freedom that are rooted in Scripture. Insecurity is fed by the opinions of others and outward appearances, but Gibbs makes a case for the Audience of One. For a rest from the ups and downs of insecurity, she describes the freedom of turning our eyes to Jesus as the only audience who matters. She then outlines her Formula for Wholeness, which encompasses submitting thoughts, stabilizing emotions, finding purpose in action, and relishing freedom from insecurity.

As a whole, this book breaks down and assesses a nuanced topic with a realistic, Christian mindset. Gibbs is compassionate and effective while addressing what many of her readers will consider tender topics. Despite the book’s many successes, at times Gibbs’s recommendations for change and growth in Section 3 neglect to acknowledge the hard work and patience transformation requires. Nonetheless, her careful analysis of insecurity and practical suggestions for steps toward freedom will surely resonate with a wide range of readers.


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Suggested Audience:

Silencing Insecurity is written for women of all ages who desire to break the stronghold of insecurity in their lives.

Christian Impact:

This book examines the depths of insecurity through a Christian counseling lens. The advice and wisdom expressed in these pages are rooted in Scripture and laden with biblical examples.

Other Notes:

Gibbs includes a Freedom Q & A at the end of each chapter with pertinent questions to help readers reflect on their struggles. She also includes an Appendix with applicable Scripture for meditation while readers work on building a healthy identity.

Silencing Insecurity: Believing God's Truth about You

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