The Faithful Way: Remaining Steadfast in an Uncertain World

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Ellie Tiemens, a Professional Writing student at Taylor University in Upland, IN.


The Faithful Way: Remaining Steadfast in an Uncertain World


Cynthia Heald



Publication Date:

November, 2019


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205 pages


Perhaps one of the biggest challenges a Christian faces in life is remaining faithful to God, the study of the Bible and prayer, and their relationships with fellow Christians. In his second letter to Timothy, Paul speaks on perseverance and having a testimony of faithfulness. So how can a Christian live similarly to Paul, being able to say at the end of their life, “I have remained faithful”? In Cynthia Heald’s 31-day devotional, she explores exactly this question.

With chapters discussing topics such as discipline, trusting God’s will, obedient love, God’s grace, prayer, and stumbling blocks to faith, this devotional explores a multitude of subjects ultimately related to living a faithful life.

In each chapter, Heald approaches a topic related to faithfulness with an anecdote, honesty, and practical applications of living faithfully. Additionally, Scripture passages to prompt further study, nuggets of wisdom from great men and women of faith, and a short prayer at the end of every section allow readers to feel engaged and to think more deeply about living a faithful life.


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Suggested Audience:

This devotional is written with simplicity and clear instructions on how to live more faithfully. However, certain ideas such as discipline and uncomfortable grace that are discussed in this book may be more complex for a younger reader. Audiences who would best benefit from this devotional book are Bible study groups or small groups, high school age Christians looking to delve deeper into their faith, or anyone feeling stagnant in faith and looking for encouragement on living more faithfully to God.

Christian Impact:

Though faithfulness is the basis of many Christian discussions, Heald examines living a faithful life in more depth than many have experienced. With a call to live a life that is a testimony of faithfulness to God and his grace, The Faithful Way is an important devotional book that is sure to speak into the life of anyone who reads it. Useful as a tool for daily study and meditation in the Bible, this devotional will provide a month of learning how to answer the call of God to live in a faithful way.

The Faithful Way: Remaining Steadfast in an Uncertain World

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