Separated by the border

Reviewed by:

Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and long-time book discussion leader


Separated by the border


Gena Thomas


Publication or Release Date:2018




209 pages


Author Gena Thomas weaves together the story of a displaced child, the child’s mother and Gena’s own story of her childhood as well as providing foster care for five year old Julia. Honduras, Mexico and the United States are the settings as she puts faces to the immigrant and the refugee. Thomas also speaks to the challenges of the foster care system and the responsibility of those who follow Christ to respond in a godly way to this problem. A problem that has become so political and yet its roots should be in the hearts of those who care or should care.




Suggested Audience:

Particularly those interested in the immigration issue, asylum seekers and foster care

Christian Impact:

This book puts faces to an issue that has been extremely politicized.

Other Notes:


A note to other foster parents
An interview with Eli Romero
Small-group discussion questions
Notes on each chapter
Recommended reading

Separated by the Border: A Birth Mother, a Foster Mother, and a Migrant Child's 3,000-Mile Journey

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