Hideous Beauty

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Harli Broge, a student at Taylor University in Upland, IN.



Hideous Beauty


Jack Cavanaugh


Enclave Publishing





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346 pages


Angels of God meet political intrigue as the protagonist Grant Austin uncovers a conspiracy that reveals secrets about his own past and his future. A freelance writer who thought he knew what was happening discovers a plot to assassinate the president, but every time he tries to stop it, something always pushes back. What seems to be a simple attempt on someone’s life turns out to be a battle that has been ranging since the beginning of time. It is a battle of good and evil and Grant is thrown right into the middle of it. With time and ideas running out, Grant must find a way to stop the evil powers and discover his true identity if he has any chance at changing things.

Hideous Beauty is a novel that sweeps in and throws you into the middle of the action from the first chapter. While the novel is more of a political thriller with an angelic presence that grows stronger as the novel continues, it is a well-written book. It has a strong male protagonist who tends to be self-centered, but he grows out of that as he begins to discover his hidden past while trying to save the lives of those around him. There are also some interesting supporting characters who provide humor and information when it is needed, and while there seems to be three potential love interests for the protagonist, they do not serve a huge purpose except in a few situations. Overall, it is an interesting book that will keep the reader moving with a fast-paced story and an in-over-his-head protagonist.


Rating (1 to 5):

3.5 Stars

Suggested Audience

Anyone 15 years old or older who is interested in political intrigue, heart-pounding scenarios, and a growing mystery that is mixed with supernatural elements.

Christian Impact

There is not much of a Christian impact. While the story focuses heavily on angels, there is not a lot of biblical basis, which leaves the spiritual elements lacking.

Hideous Beauty (Kingdom Wars Book 1)

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