On a coastal breeze

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Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and long-time book discussion leader



On a coastal breeze


Suzanne Fisher









306 pages


On a coastal breeze is the second in a three-book series, Three Sisters Island. Having read and enjoyed the first in the series, I have to say this was even more enjoyable.

Readers are back on Three Sisters Island with the spotlight on Madison Grayson, marriage and family counselor who seems to have finally found her place, even feeling safe with no panic attacks to speak of.

Madison certainly wishes there were more available men on the island but when her old archenemy, Ricky O’Shea, literally drops down from the sky (not kidding, he parachutes into town) and announces he is the new pastor, well, he is the last person she wanted to see. How will she navigate living and working in such close quarters with this handsome man who drives her crazy?

Readers will love the way Fisher deals with a family in need of reconnecting and an improbable romance blossoming. There is also a touch of suspense which only adds to the mix.


Rating (1 to 5):


Suggested Audience:

Fans of Suzanne Woods Fisher; fans of Christian romance

Christian Impact:

One specific aspect in On a coastal breeze is being able to believe that God can really change people.

Other Notes (Optional):


-book discussion questions

-Sneak Peak at book three of the series

On a Coastal Breeze (Three Sisters Island, #2)


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  1. So far I totally love this series. One of the things which is very true to form in families is how each sister feels the improvement should be made by a different sister.

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