The refuge

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Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and long-time book discussion leader



The refuge


Ann H. Gabhart








390 pages


When a cholera outbreak sweeps through the area in Kentucky where Darcie and Walter Goodwin live, they are determined to escape the illness. To do this they feel their safest route is to join the Shaker settlement. Mind you this is only a temporary solution. They don’t plan to stay long. But Walter’s untimely death leaves Darcie in a predicament. No money or prospects and a baby on the way. One conceived before they joined this group where sexual contact, even between husband and wife, is strictly forbidden.

Flynn Keller is a widower with a young headstrong daughter he is having a hard time keeping under control. A short time among the Shakers with school provided for her seems a good idea while he can get his matters in order.

The plot, of course, is rather predictable but the story is very compelling and well written and learning of the Shaker culture is enlightening. Darcie’s friendships with other Shaker women are eye opening and the love shown her new baby and a foundling left at the same time will touch the heart of the reader.


Rating (1 to 5):


Suggested Audience:

Christian fiction fans particularly of groups such as the Amish, Mennonites or Shakers

Christian Impact:

Despite being in what seems to be an impossible situation, more than one character trusts that God will make a way – and He does!

Other Notes:

-a glimpse of River to Redemption

The Refuge

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