Ready or Not: Leaning into Life in Our Twenties

Reviewed by:

G. Connor Salter, Professional Writing alumnus from Taylor University, Upland, IN.


Ready or Not: Leaning into Life in Our Twenties


Drew Moser and Jess Fankhauser


NavPress in alliance with Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

Publication Date:

April 3, 2018




240 pages


It’s not easy to navigate age 20 to 30. On one hand, you have voices telling you to kick-start your career, look into starting a family and generally become a responsible adult. On the other hand, you have voices telling you to just enjoy your freedom, take the decade as a time to be commitment-free and do all the things you won’t be able to do later. As college professors, Drew Moser and Jess Fankhauser have heard many twenty-somethings describe this struggle. They argue the solution comes from what you believe about your vocation, the things which God calls you to do and live for. Using their mentoring experience and insights from a wealth of authors, they help readers consider concepts like:

  • How do determine your calling
  • How to approach concepts like community, church and work in your twenties
  • How to develop healthy rhythms and schedules

Moser and Fankhauser aim for high accessibility, trying to make big abstract concepts feel relatable. It’s a style many youth pastors use when writing books, and unfortunately can often seem shallow. In this case, the authors actually manage to make it work – mostly because they don’t use it as an excuse to sidestep talking about the challenges of being young. They’re honest about their struggles from their twenties, and make sure to give solutions that are actually helpful as opposed to quick self-help tips.

The one downside to the book is its format. It’s filled with various exercises (lists to write, reflection questions, diagrams) for readers to fill in as they think about the concepts. This makes the book a bit difficult to reuse or re-read (this reviewer got a used copy and discovered half the exercises had been filled in by the last owner). Most readers can probably avoid that problem by scanning the exercises onto blank sheets of paper and doing them separately.

An accessible introduction to concepts that will help readers live their twenties wisely and meaningfully.



4 stars

Suggested Audience

Twentysomethings or 18- to 19-year-olds considering how to navigate the next decade of their lives.

Christian Impact

This book will help young Christians excel and grow during a particularly confusing season of life.

Ready or Not: Leaning Into Life in Our Twenties


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