Silent Shadows

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Pamela Berndt, Church Librarian, St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, 2011 – 10th Street South, Wisconsin Rapids, WI  54494

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Silent Shadows  (Harbored Secrets Series, Book Three)


Natalie Walters





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318 pages


This is a romantic suspense story.  Pecca, a rehab nurse, and Colton, a retired Army Sargent, meet when he has to have rehab on his arm.  Pecca has a son who has a prosthetic leg and Colton helps him work on football plays.  While this is all happening Pecca is suddenly being shot at and her house is being gone through by someone. Colton, with all his problems, and the sheriff are trying to keep Pecca and her son safe from who they do not know.  The suspense keeps you interested to find out who is doing this to Pecca and why.  Of course, the romance is sweet and sometimes painful to read.  The plot keeps you going to the end and what an ending it is.   Well worth the read.


Rating: 5

Suggested Audience: 


Christian Impact: 

Not much.  A little off and on.  Mainly at the end when Pecca tells Colton about how God helps her get through things.

Other Notes: 

I like the way it kept you interested to see what would happen next. Even though this book is the third in a series, it reads well on its own.

Silent Shadows (Harbored Secrets #3)

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