Taking It to the Streets: Lessons from a Life of Urban Ministry

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Matthew Holden from Greenwood, IN, a Professional Writing student at Taylor University in Upland, IN.



Taking It to the Streets: Lessons from a Life of Urban Ministry


Rev. Harry Louis Williams II (The O.G. Rev)


Inter Varsity Press


Publication Date:

July 30, 2019


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221 pages


Harry Louis Williams II is known around “the hood” as O.G. Rev, and he earned that name from spending years and years working in urban ministries. Based out of Los Angeles’s hood, O.G. Rev shares the lessons he has learned. In this book, he tackles every topic concerning urban ministry from racial inequality to inaction in the church and shares his views on the best ways to reach the people who are closest.

Especially in the wake of the serious racial tension in our country, this is a very impactful and life-changing read; however, it isn’t for the faint of heart. O.G. Rev covers everything related to urban life, sex trafficking, gentrification, and racial bias in the church. It opens the reader’s eyes to a world they may never have known existed ten minutes away from where they live.




Suggested Audience

People studying to become pastors, people who want insight into the ministry in USA

Christian Impact

This is a great book about reaching out to people who are different, who live in a different world, and instead of being across the world this is in the cities of the USA.

Other Notes (Optional)

Suggested to read this almost like a devotional. It is a very convicting and heavy read. Reading through it all in one sitting may reduce its impact on the reader.

Taking It to the Streets: Lessons from a Life of Urban Ministry

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