Collateral damage

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Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and long-time book discussion leader



Collateral damage


Lynette Eason








314 pages


Collateral damage is the first in a series by Eason entitled Danger never sleeps. Brooke Adams and Asher James are both damaged in ways by their previous military experience. Brook was nearly killed in an explosion and has determined to help others, just not military personnel. That part of her life is done with.

But former Army Special Ops Sergeant First Class Asher James is definitely in need of some help. Sleep alludes him and the night brings nightmares of his former life. Deciding to seek some professional support turns into a disaster when he arrives at the counselor’s office to find her missing and a dead body left behind. Brooke is the real target of this attack and James swears to protect her and discover who is out to get Brooke Adams.

Eason’s book is a good combination of faith, romance and suspense and readers will most likely be anxious to read the next in this series.


Rating (1 to 5):


Suggested Audience:

Fans of Christian fiction, especially mystery and suspense

Christian Impact:

Strong Christian message

Collateral Damage (Danger Never Sleeps, #1)

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  1. This was the first of Lynnette Eason;s books I have read and I absolutely loved it. The next book in the series is on pre-order now. It really struck a note with me because I know people who have suffered or continue to suffer from PTSD and Eason describes it well. Other plot elements also are true to life, unfortunately, and are well-researched and written. I enjoy the fast paced suspense of the plot lines with romance woven in as well. Eason is a new favorite in my church library.


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