I See You (How love opens our eyes to invisible people)


I See You (How Love Opens Our Eyes To Invisible People)


Terence Lester


InterVarsity Press

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174 Pages


This book takes you in to the lives of homeless people.  The author lived among them for a couple of weeks to really learn what it was like.  It opened my eyes to how much I miss and overlook when I don’t pay attention to homeless or under privileged people.  Terence tells the stories of these people and how to help them.  There is lists of organizations and sites where you can go to help and learn more about what to do.  It is well worth the time to read and understand what is needed.  In the back there are questions for reflection and discussion for yourself or if using this book for a group.



5 stars

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Christian Impact: 

Great. Bible verses and locations used all through.

Other Notes:

It really opened my eyes and would recommend it to anyone.  Especially the ones that tend to look down on others.

I See You: How Love Opens Our Eyes to Invisible People

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