Flip the Script

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Flip the Script


Ed Orgeron with Bruce Feldman


Nelson Books

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239 pages


Coach Ed Orgeron’s career is one that has traversed both disappointments and several “almosts,” and produced in him the skillset and attitude to transform the LSU Tigers into champions. Flip the Script is not an autobiography about Coach O—it merely hints at the interesting stories outside of his career—rather it tells of his journey of becoming head coach of LSU. 

Flip the Script often feels like Orgeron is simply giving a record of events in a mostly chronological order; however, a story can be found that tries to point to a bigger plan at work, coming together in unexpected ways. At times, stories about his life are begging to be told, but Orgeron sticks to his intention and focuses on his career in college football. This could be seen as a weakness or a strength depending on the reader.



3 stars

Suggested Audience

The audience of Flip the Script is clear—college football fans. The lessons presented will apply to anyone, but those readers who don’t have heavy interest in football will find themselves skimming through game results and play-by-play descriptions, ultimately finding the experience disappointing.

Christian Impact

Though God’s plan for Orgeron’s life is set up as a theme early in the book, it never feels like the focus. Flip the Script is concerned with what Coach O does and learns rather than with God’s role in his story. It does touch lightly on Christian themes, such as the importance of forgiveness, but it often does not directly relate back to Christ.

Flip the Script: Lessons Learned on the Road to a Championship

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