The Spice King

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Cindy Akre, blogger and voracious reader



The Spice King


Elizabeth Camden


Bethany House Publishers






344 pages


This story begins in 1900, Washington DC, where a young woman, Annabelle Larkin, is working temporarily for the Smithsonian.  In pursuit of a valuable vanilla orchid, she approaches Gray Delacroix, who owns a global spice business.  Gray is a 40 year old man who spent his life working alongside his father to establish a business importing spices from across the globe.  When his father dies, Gray is left caring for his much younger siblings, something which frustrates and challenges him as they come into adulthood. Annabelle both fascinates and frightens him, and he begins to realize that his dedication to his family business has cost him a personal life and a life getting to truly know his siblings.

As he tries to correct that, he and Annabelle embark on a journey that puts her in a difficult position.  Due to the nature of Gray’s job, suspicions are aroused that he may have used illegal means in his business dealings. Annabelle gets caught in the middle when Gray’s integrity and patriotism are challenged.  

This novel includes lessons to be cautious when judging others, and to be quick to recognize the true value of relationships. The book is the first in a series that continues the intrigue introduced in this book.  It is definitely an engaging read. 


Rating (1 to 5):


Suggested Audience:

High school/adult

Christian Impact:

This book actually specifically refers to Jesus, which is intriguing.  This is often missing and a usual substitute includes “God” in general form, so that was refreshing. 

The Spice King (Hope and Glory, #1)

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