Misleading Miss Verity

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Misleading Miss Verity


Carolyn Miller


Kregel Publications







337 pages


Set in the 1820s in England, 18 year old Verity is a frustration to the schoolmistress who sends her home to a critical mother and father who are part of the aristocracy.  Feeling unloved, she is shipped off to her grandmother  who proves to be quite a bit like her.  In order for Verity to avoid an arranged marriage doomed to failure, her grandmother sends her to Scotland to the home of her best friend and schoolmate, Helena.  She thrives at her friend’s home while away from her parents. 

Verity and Helena find adventure at a neighboring Scottish estate/castle where she meets a mysterious young man and begins a friendship with him that blooms throughout the book. Verity prizes truthfulness above all, yet manipulates things in the name of “justice” to achieve what she believes to be the best outcome. She takes much into her own hands.  Incredibly, the author has shown a character who is actually hostile to the “unreasonable” nature of the gospel. The book gives the reader a breathtaking view of one who searches through that and finds the truth. Much drama develops between Verity and her parents who still want her to marry their choice for her. Her grandmother is a definite champion. There are lessons about the cost of deceit and because of that, there are also lessons on honesty. 

Where the book really shines is in its message about how we can trust the Lord. Verity excuses many of her behaviors on her hostility toward the gospel, yet we are given the privilege of seeing how immediate a change can be when she places her own faith and trust in God. This book is a real winner for the reader longing to see such a transformation. It gives us hope!



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Suggested Audience:

High school/adult

Christian Impact:

I found this book a delightfully different book…sometimes frustrating but other times refreshing.  It was the worth the read….

Christian impact is a 10!

Misleading Miss Verity (Regency Brides: Daughters of Aynsley #3)

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