Betrayal of trust

Reviewed by:

Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and long time book discussion leader



Betrayal of trust


DeAnna Julie Dodson







202 pages


In this first book of the Annie’s Sweet Intrigue series, we are caught up in romance and suspense. Julianne Montgomery is toughing it out after losing her husband, David, her mother and house in a short span of five months. Her new neighbors have been very sweet, helping her in different ways and she does have a new job but her life will never be the same. All her possessions, all her remembrances of both her husband and mother lost in a fire that took it all. Until one fateful night when an intruder breaks in and it is her assumed-dead husband!

From there our couple is on the run, escaping from their pursuers, never knowing who they can trust orwho might be their elusive contact. And the most important thing for them to do is work together. Can they do that after their past? Can Julianna trust David? Will she ever trust him again?

This is a very quick, easy read but one that will intrigue the reader and keep them reading to the conclusion. 



Rating (1 to 5):

Rating: 3

Suggested Audience:

Readers that enjoy light Christian fiction.

Christian Impact:

God protects and enables us to heal and trust again.

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