The Jesus Bible Journal NIV: Genesis

Reviewed by:

Connor Salter, Professional Writing alumnus from Taylor University, Upland, IN.


The Jesus Bible Journal NIV: Genesis



Publication date:

December 1, 2020




176 pages


Bible journals present an interesting opportunity to read and make notes on the Bible in the same unit. In recent years, one trend has been to print books of the Bible in separate journals, allowing readers to make notes, study and carry around the book they’re currently studying. This Bible journal reprints the text of Genesis on one side with space for notes on the other. The note side also includes brief notes that summarize a particular story and connect it to ideas shown in the New Testament. For example, there is a note after Genesis 6 about Noah’s family and the flood, noting how Jesus comes from the line of Abraham and therefore from Noah. The end of the journal a table of weights and measures for people unsure what a shekel, talent, and so forth are, and a series of 15 articles about important subjects in Genesis.

By publishing individual books of the Bible internal format and then taking notes which may or may not be from and earlier NIV translation, Zondervan has done something rather interesting. We have a book that is more or less like any other Bible journal, but the notes give it a particular theme – how Genesis foreshadows Jesus. This makes this book an interesting mix between a Bible journal and a Bible devotional. It’s also organized quite well, with ample room for notes and a readable font.

A great way to get to know Genesis better.


Rating (1 to 5 Stars)

5 Stars

Suggested Audience:

People looking for a Bible journal that has devotions or study notes, with a focus on seeing Genesis as part of a cohesive message throughout the Bible that culminates with Christ.

Christian Impact:

This journal helps readers to not just discover scripture, but to understand it more deeply. The format gives them a space to meditate on passages, write down their thoughts as they go, and learn about a particular Bible theme.

The Jesus Bible Journal, Genesis, NIV, Paperback, Comfort Print

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