All That is Secret

Reviewed by:

Edna Johnson of  Faith Baptist, Winfield


All That is Secret (An Annalee Spain Mystery)


Patricia Raybon



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370 pages


In 1923, Annalee Spain, a black college professor, leaves Chicago for Denver to investigate the murder of her father. Can an amateur detective solve a cold case mystery? What she finds is a city full of crime, bribes, murders, cover ups and more. Her life is in danger but she vows not to give up. One discovery she makes is the cover up of murders of mixed blood babies by the higher social elite. But she also finds love and friendship for black Christians. A good picture of the treatment of African Americans following the Civil War.


5 out of 5

Suggested audience:

Young adult – adult

Christian Impact:

Showing that God works in small ways as well as large. Faith in His way is best.

All That Is Secret

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