A Promised Engraved

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Edna Johnson of Faith Baptist, Winfield


A Promised Engraved


Liz Tolsma




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218 pages



Josie lives in the 1800s when Texans are fighting for freedom from Mexico. She survived a kidnapping by a Mexican who killed her mother and sister and took her mother’s cat’s eye ring. Now she spies for the Texans to defeat Santa Anna and his forces. The Texans are vastly outnumbered and slaughtered at the Alamo. Only the Catholic religion is sanctioned but there is a Protestant pastor, John Gilbert, included in their group who wins Josie’s heart.

Present day :

Nearly 200 years later, Kayleigh Hewland takes a break from her job as a refugee coordinator working with Mexican migrants to attend some local markets. She is taken by a cat’s eye ring but after she purchases it, she begins to have evil things occuring in her life, including a fire in her condo. An area jeweler, Brandon Mullins, helps her piece this mystery together of a long forgotten love story. Are the dangers of the ring worth the risk they are taking in pursuing the mystery?


5 out of 5

Suggested audience:

History buffs, late teens and adults

Christian Impact:

A trust in God is necessary to consider the future and forgive the past.

A Promise Engraved (Doors to the Past)




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