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Carla Laureano


Tyndale House Publishers

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393 pages



Kendall Green is living her dream as an interior designer in modern-day southern California. She is taken by surprise when a mysterious letter comes from an attorney about an inheritance.

She discovers that the inheritance is five old houses situated high in the hills of Colorado. But, as she begins to learn more about the town and its residents, especially the mayor, there is more about the town—and her provenance—than meets the eye.

From beginning to end, the flawless writing leaves the reader wanting more. The book succeeded in capturing my attention through detail and conflict and added relief where it was needed. The vocabulary choice could’ve been stronger to add to the atmosphere created by the author.

Overall, the tone struck in this book was one of heartfelt love, an inner struggle of navigating a new relationship, while also searching for what it means to be oneself. The advice given to the main character that helps her throughout the novel can be useful and relevant to all readers.

This contemporary romance book, Provenance by Carla Laureano, is the perfect book for women who enjoy romance and adventure.



4 out of 5

Suggested Audience

Anyone who likes Christian romance, mainly women. This book is a sweet romance with added elements of conflict and the search to find oneself.

Christian Impact

Christianity is a large portion of the romance aspect of this book. The dedication to Christian themes consistently is admirable and was appropriate for the audience. Attending church is regularly mentioned, as are Christian norms in marriage and dating, as the two main characters are struggling to navigate their own complicated relationship. There are moments of prayer and talking openly about God in this book.

Other Notes :

There is some mention of alcohol but not excessive use or drinking.



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