The ABIDE Bible Journals: Genesis

Reviewed by:

Julie-Allyson Ieron, author/Bible teacher/worship minister



The ABIDE Bible Journals: Genesis

Author or Producer:

Phil Collins, Ph.D., General Editor

Publisher :

Thomas Nelson

Publication or Release Date:

Published in 2020; released in 2021


Print Book, pb, based on the NET Bible


194 pp., plus journal:


In cooperation with Taylor University Center for Scripture engagement, this new Bible study journal, part of a set that contains the full text of both Testaments, is a game-changer.

First, it uses the NET translation. I’m skeptical of new translations, but this one is special. It went through a thorough, transparent translation process that allowed scholars, ministers, and laypersons to hold translators accountable, ask questions, and seek clarifications. (Full disclosure: several scholars on the translation team sit on faculty at Dallas Theological Seminary, where I am a master’s student.)

It’s unique among modern translations as its copyright is “ministry first,” allowing students and publishers to quote and share from it “as freely as possible,” according to its copyright statement. Its full text is available free online, alongside 60,000 insight-packed translator notes.

All that brings us to this product. Each Abide journal includes the full text of the Bible book, in this case Genesis, alongside journal pages and journaling prompts. So, the left page of each spread holds only Scripture, while the right page contains open-lined journal pages and includes writing prompts to lead the reader to interact with the content. The newness of the translation’s wording jars long-time readers out of our I’ve-read-this-before slumber and makes us read it again for the first time. Study/journal prompts fall into the categories of Praying Scripture, Picture It, Journal, and Contemplate. These questions are perfect to encourage deep study and practical understanding of the Bible’s relevance.

The only downside for the library audience is the strong temptation to write in the plenteous journal pages. This is great for an end user, not so much for a borrower.


Rating (1 to 5):

5 out of 5

Suggested Audience:

Serious Bible learners who desire to consider and interact with God’s Word, not just speed through it.
Christian Impact:

This new translation’s flexible copyright allows publishers to use large chunks of material, so this product contains a side-by-side full Bible text alongside tons of journaling space.

Other Notes:

If just Genesis is this good, I can’t wait to delve into many more Bible books using this refreshing prompt tool.

NET Abide Bible Journal - Genesis, Paperback, Comfort Print: Holy Bible

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  1. when the gospels are proved true in these times, with signs, prophesy revelations, it’s like preparing for an eternal stewardship that matters, amen.

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