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The Soul of a Hero: becoming the Man of Strength and Purpose You Were Created to Be

Everybody has some idea what men need to be better fathers, better husbands and just better engaged in life. Arguably, the most important thing is simple: men need to understand their inner hunger for heroism. David Stoop and Stephen Arterburn help men understand their need to find heroes that can be role models, and how to live the heroic life no matter what they do for a living. Along the way, they consider common male concerns and issues, showing how men can avoid pitfalls to live victoriously.

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The robin’s greeting

This third book in the Amish Greenhouse Mystery series can be read as a stand alone. Events that previously happened may be referred to but with enough explanation that the reader doesn’t feel anything lacking in the story.

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The Water Keeper

A reader has said that things are never quite as they seem in a Charles Martin book and The Water Keeper proves that to be true. Take our main character Murph. Where does he get all that money? And why is his boat named Gone Fiction? He has such a calling to rescue girls lost to sex trafficking, leaving the 99 to search for the one. But why are their names tattooed on his back? Is Fingers real…or not? Is he a priest or are those credentials just to give him access? Lots of questions and after reading the book, you might still be pondering the answers.

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