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Across the Street and Around the World

Reviewed by: Hope Livingston, Professional Writing student at Taylor University, Upland, IN     Introduction Title: Across the Street and Around the World Author: Jeannie Marie Publisher: Nelson Books Publication Date: October 2018 Format: Print Book Length: 255 pages OVERVIEW Across the Street and Around the World by Jeannie Marie is a mission-minded, evangelical guide. Marie guides the reader through how to […]

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(Book review) Congo Dawn

As an Afghanistan war veteran with linguistic skills stemming from her childhood as a missionary kid in Africa, Robin Duncan signs on with a private security company as a translator, hoping to use her pay to assist a niece with medical needs. The mission is to help local officials in the Congo combat rebels who have been attacking the mining operations of an overseas company. On the way into the country, she encounters an old friend from the war, also an MK, but whom she had lost touch with due to a misunderstanding. Michael is now a doctor with the group Doctors Without Borders, working at a newly re-established clinic in the same area as the mine.

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(Book review) Of stillness and storm

Reviewed by: Ceil Carey, Co-president of ECLA and long time book discussion leader   Introduction Title: Of stillness and storm Author: Michele Phoenix Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publication Date: 2016 Format: Paperback Length: 321 pages OVERVIEW Of Stillness and Storm is a very well written and compelling story with a plot that is out of the ordinary. […]

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Welcome to Our World

(Video Review) Welcome to Our World

How do missionaries teach the Bible? What do they eat? How do the kids do school? What’s it like to live in a remote place? How do they travel? What’s a KFC doing in the middle of the jungle?

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