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We hope for better things

We Hope for Better Things delivers masterful storytelling, weaving fascinating characters throughout a gripping tale of race relations in Detroit from the Underground Railroad to the present day.

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A Sparkle of Silver

When all seems hopeless faith, God’s provision, and the way he can work in our lives is revealed.

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The Innocence of Father Brown

When a stumpy little priest arrives on the crime scene, no one expects much. That is, no one except those who know the secretly brilliant mind of Father Brown.

In this collection of twelve short stories by G. K. Chesterton, readers are introduced to Father Brown, an unusual detective who uses his experience as a confessor to unravel baffling crimes and expose the evil of human hearts. Whether unveiling criminal masterminds or tracking an unintentional murderer, unassuming Father Brown solves crimes in humble style.

Father Brown is a delightful character surrounded by a colorful cast. Each mystery keeps the reader guessing; just when a crime seems to be solved, Chesterton throws in yet another twist. In the midst of terrible crimes, Father Brown is a refreshingly innocent, big-hearted character who seeks truth and saves a few souls along the way. Each tale will grip the reader from beginning to end.

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Beneath the Surface

Blackburn has created a true page-turner to keep readers on the edge of their seats. Her complex plot meshes splendidly with a well-crafted romance.

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