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A Redemptive Theology of Art

Many scholars have discussed Christian ideals of what art should be (or if any such ideals exist). David A. Covington moves beyond previous works to see what the full Bible says about aesthetics, the study of the things we perceive and how we react to them.

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For Thou Art With Me: Biblical Help for the Terminally Ill and Those Who Love Them

Why does impending death cause so much fear for us? Are there reasons why people get terminal illnesses? Bruce A. Baker addresses those questions and others in this book, explaining the Bible’s view of suffering and death.

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The Greatest You: Face Reality, Release Negativity, and Live Your Purpose

This book will certainly encourage readers to face their particular trials and embrace forgiveness, reconciliation and new freedom. Although Shelton doesn’t draw spiritual explanations for these ideas, the book opens the door for conversations about how those ideas relate to Christianity.

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