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The Unhiding of Elijah Campbell: A Novel

This novel adds a unique perspective to the conversation tackling how to journey through a dark point of your life with a Christian outlook.

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Two and a Half Minutes

It happens in an instant. Intoxicated and unhappy, Eve Kessler feels the weight of everything going wrong in her life as she drives home alone. Just as she makes the decision to end it all, she changes her mind and jerks her steering wheel away from danger, inadvertently causing her truck to roll.

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The Moment Between

(Book Review) The Moment Between

Reviewed by: Hanna Smith, professional writing major at Taylor University   Introduction Title: The Moment Between Author: Nicole Baart Publisher: Tyndale House Publication Date: April 2009 Format: Paperback Length: 362 Pages OVERVIEW Abigail Bennett has been in her sister’s shadow since the day she was born. The only one able to calm her sister’s instability, Abigail […]

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