When Faith Fails: Finding God in the Shadow of Doubt

Reviewed by: Hope Bolinger, Professional Writing major at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.



Title: When Faith Fails: Finding God in the Shadow of Doubt

Author: Dominic Done

Publisher: Nelson Books

Publication Date: 2019

Format: Print book

Length: 212 pages


Doubt plays an integral role in the faith of Christians. When we encounter earth-shattering skepticism, we have one of two choices. First, we can stray as far away from God as possible, or, we can draw closer to Him. In an age of cynicism and distrust of religion and faith, we all play the role of Thomas, the doubting disciple. Through Done’s gritty and tangible illustrations of what the relationship between doubt and faith looks like—one of the most vivid being a wrestling match between ourselves and God—readers have a chance to tackle the hard stuff, the doubts.

Done executes an eloquence of style, organization, and accessibility in this book. Through often-hilarious (sometimes raw) real-life examples, he invites readers to not run away from doubts but to tackle them head-on. And he cautions readers not to waver in uncertainty forever. Believers have to take a leap of faith eventually. However, for the time being, he walks Christians who have entered shaky seasons toward the path of trusting in God. The author also refuses to water down any of his messages. He packs a lot into the 212 pages, but it seems adequate enough to grapple with doubt without getting lost or discouraged in it.


Rating (1 to 5)

5 out of 5

Suggested Audience

Christians struggling with doubt

Christian Impact

Mother Theresa herself wrestled with paralyzing doubts. Whether new in the walk in faith or having been with the Lord for decades, Christians will experience periods of uncertainty. This book can help walk alongside them, refusing to downplay the intensity of the agony but providing solutions to take another step. And then, another one.

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