AweReviewed by: Chrysa Keenon, Taylor University student, Upland, IN



Title: Awe: Why it Matters for Everything We Think, Say, and Do

Author: Paul David Tripp

Publisher: Crossway

Publication Date: October 2015

Format: Print Book

Length: 183 Pages


Although this book proposes many interesting concepts, the author does not follow through in explaining them in adequate detail.  Tripp uses many examples about how we experience awe in everyday life, but he fails to give the basic definition of what area of awe he is describing.  What is needed here is some understanding of what the eyes and brain attempt to perceive when confronted with overwhelming scenes or events. Also, more attention should be given to the aftermath of being confronted by an awe-inspiring situation.  In the Bible when humans were visited by angels, the occurrence was a stunning, staggering, life-altering moment. This book needed to explore more of such encounters.  Additionally, unusual formatting made the narrative hard to follow.


Rating (1 to 5)

2 out 5 stars

Suggested Audience

Pastors or other religious authorities who may be able to understand the examples and perhaps use them in sermons.

Christian Impact

The message is that we need to recognize how minuscule we humans are in  all of God’s creation, and we should be thankful for all He has done for us.

Chrysa Keenon is a professional writing major at Taylor University and a contributing writer to the school newspaper, The Echo.

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