The Second Half

Reviewed by:

Ceil Carey, Community Christian of Yorkville, IL


Ministry Title: Co-president, ECLA



Title: The second half

Author: Lauraine Snelling

Publisher: Faith Words

Publication Date: July 2016

Format: paperback

Length:  347 pages


Mona and Ken Sorenson are approaching that time in life when Ken will be retired and they, like many others, have big plans of trips and activities involving the two of them. But several things hit them at once starting with Ken’s retirement. When the school he has worked so diligently and with such passion for seems ready to undermine all he has accomplished, does he fight or should he accept the inevitable? The larger issue looming over them is their son’s deployment. Being the sole parent to his two young children, when given orders, he asks his parents to keep his children while he is gone. They cannot turn their backs on their grandchildren, nor would they want to, but their life is turned upside down. This is a second half of their life together that they never imagined.


Rating (1 to 5)


Suggested Audience

Adults, especially of interest to those of retirement age

Christian Impact

This book deals with issues of trust in many ways .

Ceil is a retired public librarian but of course, can’t keep her fingers out of the library pie-she is on the public library board and will soon be starting a library in her church. She is currently co-president of ECLA.

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The Second Half

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