Ponderings of a Pedaling Pastor

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TitlePonderings of a Pedaling Pastor

Author: Dennis Whitmore

Publisher: Inspiring Voices

Publication Date: August 3rd 2015

Format: Print Book

Length: 111 pages


This book provides little bits of insight to stir one’s thoughts about God as incorporated in our lives as Christians. The author makes fleeting references to Scripture within each devotion, each reading being short enough to fit into a busy daily schedule. Dennis Whitmore writes simply, but clearly, conveying comprehensible and meaningful messages of hope, endurance, strength, and love. He likes to refer to nature, sports, friends, family, hobbies, and books.

However, the overall content of the book is heavily focused on Mr. Whitmore’s experiences with and passions held for cycling. Many of the feelings he expresses in his anecdotes captured my empathy, although I must admit his enthusiasm for the sport of biking greatly exceeds my own. Each devotion was short enough to keep my attention and hold my interest before my day began. However, none of them concludes with a prayer or do they challenge the reader with questions to ponder or even suggest extensive scripture readings to support his messages. This makes the devotions entertaining and uplifting but not very challenging theologically.

Overall it’s a good change-of-pace devotional collection that takes a casual approach toward how our spiritual journey is like riding a bicycle by exploring various facets of Christian living.


Rating (1 to 5)


Suggested Audience

Cyclists of any age


Christian Impact

Because these devotions don’t quite engage the reader in prayer or scripture hunting, I would highly suggest this specifically for newer Christians, especially those who have an enjoyment of biking. As for ministry purposes, I believe it could be a powerful tool for the church to have biking excursions along the same roads the author rode using this book as a foundation to build a study and curriculum.

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Ponderings of a Pedaling Pastor

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