A Time to Act

Reviewed by: McKenna Gold, Professional Writing major at Taylor University, Upland, IN



Title:  A Time to Act a-time-to-act

Author: S.J. Knight

Publisher: Xlibris

Publication Date: 2015

Format: Print book

Length: 618 pages


S.J. Knight opens a window to a world of tradition and religious devotion, of Jews and Gentiles, of justice and persecution in this novel, the fourth in a series of biblical fiction works.  Detailing the complex life of the apostle Paul, A Time to Act masterfully humanizes this enemy-turned-hero of the Christian faith, following him from diapers to Damascus to devout follower of Jesus.  Both heart wrenching and heartwarming, Knight’s latest biblical figure exposé breathes life into the man whose faith and wisdom have challenged and encouraged believers throughout time.


Rating (1 to 5)



Suggested Audience

Mature young adults or adults with a curiosity about what life may have been like for Christians who came before the evangelization of the Gentile nations under Paul.

Christian Impact

Knight includes an author’s note preceding the work containing a disclaimer for the liberties taken to fill in the gaps that scripture leaves in Paul’s life, yet the historical facts littered throughout grant the work credibility and educational appeal. Gore is not discussed at great length, but death and violence do make appropriate appearances. The topics of doubt and forgiveness are explored, all tinted with the hope of the redemption Jesus brings.  Though not free of the cheesy tones of clean Christian humor, A Time to Act represents the faith in an honest and authentic light that believers can be proud of.

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A Time to ACT

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