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Title: New Dreams: The 3 Keys to Gathering the Desires of your Heartnew-dreams

Author: Patricia Sawyer

Publisher: Believers Press

Publication Date: March 27, 2014

Format: Print Book

Length: 110 Pages


Drawing readers in with clever opening lines, Patricia Sawyer uses anecdotes and stories as parables to exemplify the points she makes about how to get the desires of one’s heart. New Dreams may be a book aimed at mothers with adult children, but the ideas expressed in it can easily be applied to anyone wishing to get more out of his or her faith.

Sawyer uses a writing style that is very personal and easy to follow. It’s as though she were just sitting down to have a chat with the reader over tea. Using gentle humor and interesting stories, Sawyer pulls readers in, making it easy to comprehend her lessons and follow her logic. Her ideas flow smoothly and she uses everyday language.

This book discusses the ways believers can open their hearts to what God wants for them, and through that process gain the true desires of their own hearts. Sawyer breaks this process down into three basic steps, stopping to discuss each one in detail and giving practical tips for how to follow through. For each step, she uses a number of true life examples of how others have already lived out what she is suggesting and how that has affected their lives. Every chapter is split into even smaller, bite-sized sections, making it easy to ingest mentally and emotionally.

The theology of New Dreams is sound and based upon biblical references. It quotes directly from the Bible, often using passages as examples themselves of the concepts being described. Every claim made has its backing in scripture.

New Dreams is a book that could be read and understood by anyone, young or old. With a fresh delivery and interesting stories, Sawyer easily draws the reader in and clearly explains the three keys to getting the desires of your heart.


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Suggested Audience

General Christian readership

Christian Impact

This book was written specifically to guide mothers with adult children in their faith in order to have a more fulfilling life. However, it can easily be understood and applied to anyone wishing to learn how to achieve true fulfillment through faith in God. It highlights three keys to learning and reaching the desires of the heart

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New Dreams: The 3 Keys to Getting the Desires of Your Heart

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