Finding God in the Waves

Reviewed by: Braden Ochs

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Title: FINDING GOD IN THE WAVES: How I lost my faith and found it again through science

Author: Mike McHarguefinding

Publisher: Convergent Books

Publication Date: 2016

Format: Print Book

Length: 247 pages


This book is great! I enjoyed reading about your life and your family. You made it so easy for me to dive into your life and empathize with what you may have gone through. It reminded me of God’s power, not just throughout the universe, but in my life as well.

And there were many parts of the book that I could not stop reading. You are able to draw in the reader well, and your words are so personable and down-to-earth. I also enjoyed some of the creative phrases you used such as: “I took off my Christian mask and felt the sunlight on my face” or “Somewhere in my mind, a warning switch was flipped, moving me from DEFCON 4 to DEFCON 3.” I could almost feel myself within the pages of the book.

Thank you for writing this book and showing us Christians what it really means to be a Christian. It brings me great joy to hear from somebody like you.


Rating (1 to 5)


Suggested Audience

Christians who need to be reminded of the power God has in us and through us.

Christian Impact

It reminds Christians of how we should view other people’s doubts. We should empathize with them and help them through it.

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Finding God in the Waves: How I Lost My Faith and Found It Again Through Science

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