Days? or Ages? The Genesis Question: A Layman Looks at Creation’s Calendar

Reviewed by: Elijah Oates, a Professional Writing major at Taylor University, Upland, IN



TitleDAYS? OR AGES? The Genesis Question: A Layman Looks at Creation’s Calendardays-or-ages

Author: Jerry Harmon

Publisher: WestBow Press

Publication Date: 2016

FormatPrint book

Length: 203 pages


The question of the earth’s origin has been a stumbling block for quite a long time. Even among Christians, who all believe that God created the universe, there are numerous views on the specifics of Earth’s beginning. Days? Or Ages? The Genesis Question attempts to tackle this issue by providing an in-depth examination of Genesis 1 as explained in layman’s terms.

The study is, indeed, interesting, but occasionally, Harmon, the author, gets altogether too scholarly in his analysis. There were multiple points throughout the book at which it is necessary to reread paragraphs numerous times, particularly during the analysis of the Hebrew linguistics. Harmon’s attempt to provide a readable exploration of Genesis 1 does not always pan out.

The Genesis Question also revels in excess. There is a lot of given information that is simply not pertinent to the end Harmon is trying to reach.

That being said, if readers are willing to engage the scholarly part of their minds, The Genesis Question is a satisfactory study that provides concrete answers to some big questions. Of course, many aspects of the study are left to interpretation and guess work, but the answers that are reached are logical and agreeable. It is worth reading, with the caveat that it is not casual reading.


3 out of 5 stars

Suggested Audience

Any adult Christian who is willing to engage in some mental rigor will be able to get through, if not enjoy, this book. Note that, whereas the book does hold to a Christian worldview, secular readers may still find it to be an interesting study.

Christian Impact

The Genesis Question has the potential to change a lot of Christians’ views on the creation process. It makes some excellent arguments for its views and causes readers to rethink many preconceived notions.



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Days? or Ages? the Genesis Question: A Layman Looks at Creation's Calendar

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