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Reviewed by: Caleb Hoelscher is a student of professional writing at Taylor University in Indianaanabel-lee-image



Title: Annabel Lee

Author: Mike Nappa

Publisher: Revell

Publication Date: 2016

Format: Paper back print book

Length: 368 pages


Annabel Lee is a thriller novel inspired by the classic Edgar Allan Poe poem. It is told from three unique perspectives: The Mute, who is a retired army sniper; Trudi, a divorced private investigator; and Annabel Lee, herself, a young girl hidden away in a bunker by her mysterious uncle. The story fixates on the quest of being the first person to find and rescue the young girl. Nappa’s masterful three-dimensional characters make it a pleasure to follow the pursuit of Annabel as the action unfolds. The motivations are believable. The voices are distinct. And— most important—the relationships are complex, which left ample space for the characters to bind, then drift apart, and even sometimes explode in a ferocious emotional combustion of dominating personality and heated desire. These perspectives also add to the suspense of the story as each character provides the reader with a small piece of the much larger puzzle. As Nappa’s cast of personalities races to find Annabel Lee, the readers race to assemble the pieces and solve the mystery behind the girl’s life story—before the characters unravel it first. Although the conclusion felt a bit disjointed from the rest of the novel and some of the scenes might be construed by some readers as unnecessarily graphic, Nappa’s storytelling craft assures the success of his first Coffey & Hill Novel. It is safe to say that I cherished Annabel Lee.


Rating (1 to 5)

4 stars

Suggested Audience

Adults, fans of detective fiction or suspense fiction

Christian Impact

Mike Nappa reveals how relatable characters interact with issues of faith and spirituality in the midst of pressing and challenging circumstances.

Caleb Hoelscher is a student of professional writing at Taylor University. His passions include language, music, and the people who produce them.


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