What Matters Most

Reviewed by: Ceil Carey, Co-president of ECLA and long time book discussion leader



Title: What matters most

Author: Kellie Coates Gilbert

Publisher: Revell

Publication Date: 2016

Format: Paperback

Length: 315 pages


Leta Breckenridge is in a tight spot. Having never finished her college degree, she finds it hard to get a good paying job so works several that pay little. But her mother’s nursing home care is rising and really, her beautiful mother struggling with Alzheimer’s is all that Leta has. When she is offered a high paying job with an advertising agency, it seems her dreams have come true. Pay off her bills, buy a better car, maybe improve her wardrobe!

She had met Nathan Emerson, up and coming senator (perhaps a candidate for governor in the near future), when they were involved in a fender bender and he kindly bore the costs himself for his damaged car. Since then, a few coffee dates, some conversation, and Leta is smitten. She knows it’s a fantasy only since she sees him on television with a beautiful woman on his arm.  But a girl can dream, can’t she?

When she discovers that the agency she is working for is collecting info on Nate to stop his successful bid for governor, ethics come into question. She feels he is honest and forthright with strong values and integrity. How can she continue to be his friend and yet work against him? But how can she give up her job and the paycheck that is taking such good care of her mother?


Rating (1 to 5)


Suggested Audience

Adult and teen fiction readers, particularly women

Christian Impact

In this modern day, ethical questions such as these, often occur. The author handles this realistically.

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What Matters Most

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