Can’t Help Falling

Reviewed by:  Ceil Carey, Co-president of ECLA and long time book discussion leader


Title: Can’t help falling

Author: Kara Isaac


Publication Date:




Emelia Mason is looking for a way to reinvent herself and what better place than Oxford, the home of her great love of all things Narnia. One thing her deceased mother left her was British citizenship so moving there falls into place. Emelia has a terrible secret from her previous life as Mia Caldwell, digger of dirt extraordinaire of the famous and infamous.  Hoping to atone, she is now attempting to revive financially the not-for-profit organization of her victim.

Never suspecting love would find her, falling out of a wardrobe is not the most romantic of meetings but she finds herself strongly attracted to Peter, her co-worker on this fundraising revival. As the story unfolds, Emelia continues to find complications in their relationship particularly that he does not know her past and all the ramifications for him and his family. Her life turns into a web of lies, complicated by her feelings for Peter and his love of the Lord, a love she does not share. Only God can make something good out of this tangle of deception.


Rating (1 to 5)i


Suggested Audience

Adult fiction readers, particularly Narnia fans

Christian Impact

For those who love Narnia, all the references to it will delight them. The story itself has deep issues with forgiveness.

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Can't Help Falling

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