Friend of Sinners: Why Jesus Cares More about Relationship than Perfection

Reviewed by: J. Hanna, a Professional Writing major at Taylor University.



Title: Friend of Sinners: Why Jesus Cares More about Relationship than Perfection

Author: Rich Wilkerson Jr.

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Books

Publication Date: March 13, 2018

Format: Print Book

Length: 219 pages


This book is a wonderful introduction to Jesus. Separated into three sections, part one introduces the idea of Jesus as the sinner’s friend, pulling in biblical support from stories such as the calling of the disciples. Wilkerson supplements this with stories from his own life that bring Jesus and his love into the modern world. Wilkerson covers the basics of Christianity, while telling witty anecdotes and explaining heavy theological concepts in the down to earth language of the average reader. In part two, he paints an image of the love of God and makes the message of the Gospel personal. Finally, in part three, Wilkerson challenges complacent Christians to get out of their comfort zone and to let God lead them in their work, service, worship, and everyday activities. The book is simple to read, yet deep in its message and themes.  The author has a sense of humor that makes the book enjoyable, but the reader never misses the point of the author’s diligence in expressing the merits of scripture.


Rating (1 to 5)

5 Stars

Suggested Audience

Christians high school age student and older adults. This book is perfect both for Christians just starting out in the faith and Christians who have been in the faith for a while and need a nudge of encouragement.

Christian Impact

This book dives deeply into the Gospel to paint an accurate depiction of the loving, grace-filled God who came to earth to save humanity—the Jesus who became known as a friend of sinners.

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Friend of Sinners: Why Jesus Cares More About Relationship Than Perfection

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