Zebedee and Sons Fishing Co.: Business Advice from the Bible

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Title: Zebedee and Sons Fishing Co.: Business Advice from the Bible

Author: Philip W. Struble

Publisher: WestBow Press

Publication Date: May 2017

Format: Print Book

Length: 254 Pages


The least one could say about this book is that it is aptly titled. Author Philip W. Struble digs through what Scripture has to say on subjects such as hiring, firing, employee management, marketing, negotiation, and leadership. Each chapter opens with fictionalized accounts of the titular Zebedee, father of James and John, pondering how he should operate his family business with most of his employees gone to be disciples under Jesus. The advice, however, is founded on timeless principles, and is applied to the modern day. The writing is solid, understandable to those unversed in business lingo, and to the point. Among the lessons shared are knowing how to train employees and encourage them, how to provide excellent customer service, how to insure quality control in offering excellent product and services, and how to retain adequate funds for possible times of emergency.

Though not especially thrilling to those outside the business world, Zebedee and Sons Fishing Co. is exactly what it says on the cover: business advice from the Bible. While Struble occasionally uses stories from his or others’ experiences to illustrate his points, the majority of the book is advice based on solid—sometimes enlightening—interpretations of Bible passages, stories, and characters. Struble quotes Scripture frequently, and nothing controversial sticks out. This book should be helpful to anyone looking to run his or her business based on biblical principles.

Rating: 4 Stars


Rating (1 to 5)

4 Stars

Suggested Audience

The Christian small business owner or entrepreneur.

Christian Impact

This book shows that the Bible is full of guidance for business owners and that by following principles laid out in Scripture, one can establish his or her business on a firm foundation.

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Zebedee and Sons Fishing Co.: Business Advice from the Bible

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