Finding God in My Loneliness

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Title: Finding God in My Loneliness

Author: Lydia Brownback

Publisher: Crossway

Publication Date: 2017

Format: Print Book

Length: 174 pages


Brownback takes a hard, long look at loneliness and its prevalence today in Christian circles. As she shares stories from the lonely characters of the Bible, women in her own life, and her day to day, she helps the reader feel less alone in his or her own circumstances. She treats loneliness as the problem it is and provides hope for those struggling in their marriages, in their singleness, and in their friendships.

By looking at every aspect of loneliness and dealing with it in many situations, such as the loneliness of nighttime or the loneliness of being different, Brownback spans the gap and creates a book wonderful for both quick references and full read-throughs. Her conversational tone makes it feel like she’s in the room with you, chatting over a cup of coffee. Loneliness is a hard place to be in, but Brownback reminds that you don’t have to stay there. God’s love is enough to break through that loneliness, if only you reach out to him.


Rating (1 to 5)

4 stars

Suggested Audience

Christian women ages 15 to 40.

Christian Impact

Brownback looks at the various causes of loneliness in all walks of life—single, married, divorced, and widowed—from a perspective that puts God’s plan and God’s call first, constantly referring to the Bible as the main source for her ideas.

Other Notes

At the end of each chapter, Brownback has included reflection or discussion questions, making this book ideal for book club or Bible study environments.

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Finding God in My Loneliness

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