Words and Deeds: Becoming a Man of Courageous Integrity

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Title: Words and Deeds: Becoming a Man of Courageous Integrity

Author: Charles Causey

Publisher: NavPress

Publication Date: 2018

Format: Print book

Length: 198 pages


Words. Deeds. What do yours say about you? In Words and Deeds, military chaplain Charles Causey shows how crucial it is for words and deeds to work together. Deeds win battles, but a man can’t win every battle on his own—he needs words to pull his unit together. Likewise, words can inspire and direct others, but without deeds to back them up, they lack credibility. “A man of integrity has his words and deeds integrated,” says Causey, “with no sunlight between the two” (p. 15).

Causey defines four general categories of people as a way of helping readers understand their own words and deeds. Are you a “sentry,” go-with-the-flow, halfhearted person with your words and deeds? Are you a “salesman” with a silver tongue who struggles to back up his promises? Are you a “scout,” who paves the way with his deeds but fumbles in helping others follow? Are you a “statesman” whose words and deeds support each other? Causey asks time-tested questions to help readers honestly assess where they are, helping to identify specific problem mindsets, then to provide inspiration to become more like the master statesman, Christ.

Drawing from military and historical knowledge to illustrate his points, Causey writes a masculine book, but not in a flashy way. Instead of going for pizzazz, he writes in simple terms. Some might feel unenthused by the basic style, but thoughts phrased simply aren’t necessarily simplistic. The greatest strength of Words and Deeds is its practical wisdom. This book focuses on real life. Causey’s 40-question words and deeds diagnostic (chapter 3) guides self-evaluation. The discussion questions (back of the book) provide fuel for small groups and accountability. The story examples throughout the book keep concepts from drifting into the abstract. Overall, Causey writes a book that men from all walks of life can read and learn from.



Rating (1 to 5)

4 out of 5 stars

Suggested Audience

Christian men of all ages, but especially those with military experience

Christian Impact



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Words and Deeds: Becoming a man of courageous integrity

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