Aching Joy

Reviewed by: Chrysa Keenon, Professional Writing student at Taylor University in Upland, IN.




Title: Aching Joy

Author: Jason Hague

Publisher: NavPress (Tyndale)

Publication Date: October 2018

Format: Paperback

Length: 240 pages


A thick, perpetual fog. That’s what it felt like pastor Jason Hague had to battle in order to interact with his son Jack when Jack was diagnosed with autism. Hague felt trapped, suffocated by grief and uncertainty. However, through diligent believing and hard work, he learned how to navigate between the pain of the life he was living and promise of a fulfilled life in Christ. Through heart-wrenching testimony, Hague takes readers through his hurts, hopes, and sorrows, teaching us how to find joy even in the darkest of valleys.

Aching Joy is a phenomenal read. It interacts deeply with the community of autism, but it is not so limited that it doesn’t apply to other issues outside of it. The testimony reads like a story and will be difficult for any reader to put down. Hague speaks truth of not only what it’s like to be a parent with a special needs child, but also what it means to be human and what grief really looks like when we doubt the Creator.


Rating (1 to 5)

5 out of 5 stars

Suggested Audience

Aching Joy will apply directly to families with an autistic member, or friends of someone on the spectrum. It is also a good read for anyone who is having doubts about their faith.

Christian Impact

Hague speaks well into the fact that we as humans falter in our trust in God when life doesn’t go the way we want it to. Through his story, readers will find hope and healing, no matter what grief they are facing.


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Aching Joy: Following God Through the Land of Unanswered Prayer

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