When We Were Young

Reviewed by: Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and long-time book discussion leader


When we were young


Karen Kingsbury


Howard Books

Publication Date:



Hard cover book


391 pages


When we were young is the very emotional story of Noah and Emily Carter, a couple well-loved throughout the world because of social media @When_We_Were_Young. Their love is a beautiful example to everyone of what a God-filled relationship should look like. It even includes Clara, Emily’s sister with cerebral palsy who is greatly loved and cared for by both the Carters. But social media can be a trap and Noah particularly falls into that trap, to the point that their marriage is crashing down and he is ready to leave his little family.

Dreams that Noah has the night of his departure are God given descriptions of his life without his wife and children and what this divorce will mean to his young son and daughter. Readers will see the far flung  results of this family breakup before God intervenes in their lives.


Rating (1 to 5):


Suggested Audience:

Fans of Karen Kingsbury, contemporary Christian fiction, romance

Christian Impact:

This book demonstrates very strongly what happens to a family, especially the children, when divorce occurs.

Other Notes:


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When We Were Young: A Novel

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