The Five Marks of a Man: Finding Your Path to Courageous Manhood

Reviewed by: Hope Bolinger, Professional Writing student at Taylor University, Upland, IN.

Book Title: The Five Marks of a Man: Finding Your Path to Courageous Manhood

Author: Brian Tome

Publisher: Baker Books

Publication Date: 2018

Format: Print book

Length: 196 pages

Our culture has blurred the lines between manhood and boyhood. American men now place lone-wolf independence over pack-mindset interdependence and live for the pleasure of now rather than aiming for a future good. With to-the-point prose and caustic wit, Tome uses several examples from his own life and in Scripture of what a biblical man looks like as opposed to a cultural boy. Therein, he urges readers to go against the grain and gird themselves with manhood, even if they end up in a very small minority.

Tome’s scathing voice may jar the reader for the first few chapters. But his tough-love approach carries the subject matter with ease. His numerous examples packed into an on-the-go-sized book will give readers plenty of everyday instances to model (or avoid modeling). Although challenging, it’s written in a language for men of all backgrounds to read, enjoy, and ultimately, put into action.

Rating (1 to 5):

5 out of 5

 Suggested Audience:

Christian men

Christian Impact:

American culture has destroyed God’s intentions for manhood. Instead of protectors and people who build other brothers up, many men have entered predatory roles or seek to tear one another down in order to gain financial, mental, or physical advantages. Tome realigns the cultural mindset of men in America to that of a member of the body of Christ.

The Five Marks of a Man: Finding Your Path to Courageous Manhood

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