What they meant for evil

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Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and long-time book discussion leader


What they meant for evil


Rebecca Deng


Faith Words






282 pages


Rebecca Deng tells us her story from childhood on, written with the candor of a child. The attacks on her village, the escapes, the running, running, running and as a little girl, not really understanding what she was running from. There was so much more; hunger and thirst and incredible personal loss. Yet God intervened time and time again saving Rebecca’s life and bringing her here to the US and a loving foster family. But even when dark times came, Rebecca turned to God for comfort and peace.

Today Rebecca is a wife and mother, author and much requested public speaker. She gives the glory all to God. Read What they meant for evil to be inspired by her story.


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Suggested Audience:

Anyone interested in the Sudanese suffering in particular and injustice in general.

Christian Impact:

Rebecca’s story is inspiring-how she turned to God for peace and direction despite the terrible suffering in her life and that of her family.

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-How you can get involved

-About the authors

What They Meant for Evil: How a Lost Girl of Sudan Found Healing, Peace, and Purpose in the Midst of Suffering

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