How to Follow Jesus: A Practical Guide for Growing Your Faith

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G. Connor Salter, Professional Writing alumnus from Taylor University, Upland, IN.


How to Follow Jesus: A Practical Guide for Growing Your Faith


Craig Springer


Zondervan Reflective (an imprint of Zondervan)

Publication Date:

February 1, 2020




208 pages


Craig Springer admits he had a hard time knowing how to live differently when he became a Christian. He wasn’t sure how to pursue a new life, what basic steps to take as a new believer. This book then, by his own admission, is about giving readers the advice he wishes he had when he first came to faith. He uses Bible stories and experiences from his own ministry work to describe basic attitudes and steps young Christians need to take to grow their faith and live spiritually healthy lives, from how they should interact with God to how they should live around other Christians.

Obviously, plenty of people have written about this topic over the years. Springer doesn’t claim to have discovered any new activities Christians should pursue; he essentially urges readers to pursue Christian community, forgiveness, constant spiritual development and all the other things orthodox Christianity has been built on from the beginning. What sets Springer’s book apart from other works is the way he packages the ideas. He uses a funny writing style, packed with pop culture references and jokes based on his life as a father and pastor. Like a charismatic youth pastor giving his testimony, Springer makes the basics of faith seem relevant to a new young audience.


Rating (1 to 5 stars)

4 stars

Suggested Audience

New Christians interested in understanding the basic steps of following Christ, people who are Christians but haven’t studied what behaviors they should pursue.

Christian Impact

This book helps readers understand how to start their spiritual journey on the right note.

How to Follow Jesus: A Practical Guide to Growing Your Faith

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